Blog Post Option #2

Two tragic military events that impacted the economy would be the civil war and World War I. The civil war impacted every one of all races and genders, but it impacted the African American male group of society the most. Abolitionists argued that the enlistment of black soldiers would help the North win the war and would be a huge step in the fight for equal rights. Even as they fought to end slavery in the Confederacy, African-American Union soldiers were fighting against another injustice as well. The U.S. Army paid black soldiers $10 a week (minus a clothing allowance, in some cases), while white soldiers got $3 more (plus a clothing allowance, in some cases). Congress passed a bill authorizing equal pay for black and white soldiers in 1864. The civil war gave African American males the chance to enter in the workforce of the army and eventually equal pay. World War I also had a large impact on every one of all races and genders, but I think the Women gained more freedom in the workplace because while the men were out in war, the women had to replace them at their jobs.  World War I began in 1914 and America entered the war in 1917 and that caused a labor shortage among men and women who had to and did take over. In 1918, nearly three million new women workers were employed in food, textile and war industries. Many taboos and restrictions thrown up to keep women out of large-scale productions industry were broken down. They learned many new skills and as a result their roles continued to change within the workplace.


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