B/Vlog Option #5

There are many issues in the field of work. One of many issues involves women in the work place. The problem is not the fact that they are there, that is in fact a great thing (although some would disagree.) It is the fact that they are seen as less than men and are even paid less for doing the same work. Men are often seen as more intelligent, while women are considered as know-it-alls. Older men are considered wiser, while older women are considered past their prime. Demanding men are considered powerful and having high knowledge of what to do, while women are seen as “bossy” or another unpleasant B word. There should be more women performing work that is male dominated. The problem is not exactly the same as it once was historically, as it has gotten much better than it was anywhere before… the 21st century really. The first time women were put into the workplace was nowhere near what would be called “getting it right.” However it was a pretty good start in letting women in at all. Small steps must be taken when practicing things that are, at the time, seen as highly controversial. But, every single step counts.


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